HAVENS presents a fascinating insight into gastric ulcers

One of the most persisent and challenging problems with racehorses and performance horses today is gastric ulcers. Learn how more than 93% of racing horses, 63% of equestrian performance horses and 37% of leisure horses, suffer from this painful condition... and what we can do about it.

Topics covered:
  • Occurence of gastric ulcers in equestrian horses;
  • What really happens in the horse;
  • How can we treat and reduce the occurence of ulcers;
  • How we can prevent them;
  • How does Gastro+ work
HAVENS Chief Nutritionist Mrs. Esther Damen-Verhees is coming to the Phillippines and Malaysia for fascinating presentations on this issue. She is a passionate rider herself and has been working for HAVENS since 2008 after obtaining her Masters Degree in Animal Science (specialism Animal Nutrition).
As chief nutritionist, Esther was lead-scientist for the world first specific horsefeed that targets gastric ulcers; HAVENS Gastro+ project.

Come and join these exciting learning events!
  • Monday, 23rd October  -  11am  -  Manilla Polo Club.  More information: Mark Bretell (info@18degrees.com.ph or Tel. +63 917 8259196)
  • Thursday, 26th October - 10.30am  -  Bukit Timah Saddle Club.  More information: Kelvin Sebastian (Kelvin.Sebastian@tallahesse.com  or Tel.: +65 6365 1160)